Construction has started in Brest for the Saint Brieuc project


A few days ago the production of foundations at the Polder de Brest for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm was launched, marking an important milestone in the establishment of a field dedicated to offshore wind energy in France and Brittany.

At an event organized last weekend at the new EMR terminal in Brest, the main advances and achievements of the foundation construction program carried out in France were presented.

The event was attended by, the president of the Brest region Loïg Chesnais-Girard, CEO of Ailes Marines and Director of Iberdrola International Offshore Business, Javier García Pérez, business CEO of Windar, Justo Acedo and Jorge Filgueira, director of Navantia Ria Ferrol as well as subcontractors participants in the project.

The foundations that will be manufactured in the new EMR terminal have a Jacket-type foundation technology with 3 legs, 75 meters high and an approximate weight of 1,150 tons each, using in total more than 35,000 tons of steel during manufacturing in the JV Navantia-Windar workshops, as well as the premises of the Breton subcontractors participating in this project.

In Brest a workshop has been installed to manufacture the pieces, which has an area of ​​6.000 m2 and where currently 15 people are manufacturing the lower nodes of the Jackets, however, it is estimated that about 250 positions will be mobilized equivalent full-time work during the two years of manufacture of these structures.

Seventeen companies are already operating at the Windar site. On October 2, two new contracts were signed with local companies Sobec and Navtis and negotiations by JV Navantia-Windar are currently under way with 20 other companies.

The aim of the consortium is the creation of a supply chain that allows to pursue future projects of offshore wind farms in France in the future.

The construction of the 496 MW of the offshore wind farm located 16 km from the coast and the Bay of Saint Brieuc is scheduled for early next year 2021, while commissioning is scheduled for 2023. The wind farm will have SGRE wind turbines of 8MW.