Would you like to join our team and take advantage of all the opportunities that our sector offers us?

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We have a total workforce of over 1.500 employees on average, including all our international locations.

Geographically, our company has a physical and working presence in six countries: Spain, France, India, Brazil and Mexico, with more than half of the workforce located in Spain and the rest distributed approximately among the other international centres.


The average age of our workers is under 45 years old.


We want to contribute to a more sustainable and cleaner energy future. If you are willing to do so, Windar renovables is looking for you to make that change together.

We operate in 10 different locations in where you can find a position that fits you across the globe.

We invest in our employees’ development as our workforce is our most valuable asset for our future growth. We operate in a familiar environment but always with our goals and targets in mind, calling for our commitment and operation with a common direction.

Our company is continually changing and we provide you the flexibility you ned to grow independently. If you want to take part in the change, do not hesitate to join our team work.