We have extensive experience in our relationships with our supply chain, suppliers and subcontractors, built over time through relationships based on trust. However, the current globalised environment in which we operate demands agreements where our business is environmentally friendly and ethically conducted, in terms of sustainability.

We want to work with suppliers who share this objective.

For this reason we have developed a Supplier Relationship Management Policy to ensure ethical, fair and objective processes in the selection of suppliers and subcontractors.

Supplier and subcontractor relationship policy



In order to establish beneficial, respectful and ethical relationships with our suppliers, GDA has identified a number of fundamental principles that should guide these relationships.

  • To obtain a supply chain that is aligned with GDA’s policies and commitments.
  • Generate collaboration opportunities for qualified suppliers based on their competitive capacity.
  • Contribute from the locations where we are present to the creation of wealth on a local supply basis.
  • To collaborate with suppliers to achieve the highest quality of supply by reducing costs through the most sustainable design possible.

To ensure that relationships are transparent, we make our behaviour and conduct requirements available to our suppliers.

Code of conduct suppliers


General Terms and Conditions of Purchase


General Terms and Conditions of Purchase – Poland



Making the best possible decisions in terms of purchasing and sourcing needs requires internal mechanisms and processes that we have developed to apply a qualification and assessment to our critical or strategic suppliers.

On this basis, we built a structure that analyses the sustainability risks applied to this qualification and assessment. This system has a series of requirements that we have defined, and in the event of non-compliance by suppliers, it allows us to block them immediately.

We provide our employees, suppliers and subcontractors with the necessary information and requirements to carry out the necessary qualifications with our company.

Download questionnaire for Suppliers


Supplier Approval Protocol (instructions for approval)


Conflict Minerals Policy