Given the great flexibility and adaptability of the R&D center, it would not be fair to set rigid lines of work, however, depending on the specialization of its members, the center can be divided into four teams that collaborate transversely:

Product design

 The center has a design team specialized in the development of tubular steel structures for the wind power sector, paying special attention to the integration of innovative elements in the design and the use of sustainable materials.

  • Advanced component calculation and simulation.
  • Characterization of new materials and integration in the design.
  • Research in methodologies for calculation optimization.

Manufacturing engineering:

Aiming to lead the industrialization of new products and optimizing existing ones, this team investigates advanced construction methods that give rise to a competitive advantage, for this, relying on enabling technologies, we work on all the process fields:

• Development of machinery, automation and robotics.
• Assembly assistance tools through augmented reality and virtual reality.
• 3D modeling of components and optimization of production flow.

Process engineering:

Within the manufacturing processes, those that due to their complexity and relevance require a more intensive study to guarantee the quality and cost of the products are identified:

• Research in welding processes.
• Research on corrosion and surface treatment.
• Business intelligence and applied data analytics.


Being aware of the needs of this technological challenge, in a transversal way to the previous ones, the center has an ICT team specialized in:

• Industrial communication environments.
• Integration and digitization of processes.
• Cybersecurity.