Our Health and Safety System is aligned with the most demanding international standards such as ISO 45001 and is the guide for the establishment of a preventive culture and the generation of knowledge about the lessons learned from all incidents, accidents and avoiding their repetition.

ISO 45001 Certificate


It is based on the participation, collaboration and awareness of all our people creating a preventive culture and pillars of commitment based on the leadership, responsibility and professionalism of all of them. This system is global and has been implemented for all our locations incorporating best practices in all the countries where we are present.

Within our lines of action that we follow we include:


Promote and protect the health and safety of all people in the places where we operate

2 ________

Raise awareness in the community about the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles

3 ________

Guarantee people’s right to quality health services, especially for the most vulnerable


Health & Safety Policy

Health and safety are fully integrated into the culture as an essential part of the Code of Conduct, the internal monitoring of the management model and risk management at work. Compliance with current legislation in all the markets in which we operate is mandatory, establishing all the preventive measures that need to be addressed to ensure compliance.

We apply our policy to everything we do, guided at all times by the following objectives:

To achieve excellence and continuous improvement in all areas of risk prevention in our projects

To have a zero tolerance policy towards negligent occupational health and safety behaviour

 To achieve these objectives at our locations around the world, the following basic goals have been defined:

Achieve a progressive reduction of accident rates in all businesses (LTI-FR and LTI-SR)

Improve occupational safety conditions and make sites increasingly healthier

Promote a culture of excellence and coordinate global preventive actions at all sites

 It is essential to apply our golden rules of safety:

H&S Golden Rules



Protect the health and safety of people (employees, customers, suppliers and the general population) during the crisis caused by the pandemic (COVID-19), and ensure the maintenance of our operations in the locations where we operate for the benefit of our Groups of Interest, it has been possible thanks to the measures we have adopted since the beginning of it.


Covid-19 Report