Our business model is framed within the clean energy sector through activities that provide sustainable and innovative technological solutions to customer products.

We develop our corporate strategy in accordance with a clear purpose and values to which all the companies and centres in the world where we operate, as well as all the commitment of people who are taking part of each of them.

The common denominator of each of the companies and people will be the value creation and leadership in the development of our activities within our scope, not only in the form of economic benefit, but also in a sustainable way.

Governance System

We have a Governance System that acts as a framework of internal organisation for the company and revolves around the three main points and criteria of current development: environment, society and corporate governance.

Our hallmark will be leadership in corporate governance and transparency.

We have made a commitment in the development of our operations to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations, especially with regard to their contribution to decarbonisation in the fight against climate change.


Security of
information Policy

All communication and actions that are carried out, have to be supported in one way or
another by technology, and will need to offer security and confidence to reach the
recipients and have their effect.


Our mision

Our vision

Mission, vision and values

Governance is integrated and led by our Board of Directors, through a Mission and Vision, which include our company’s corporate values, to deploy it and each of the internal Policies that affect our Stakeholders.

Our Purpose – mission and vision – and Corporate Values together with the Code of Conduct, the General Management Policy, and the principles of sustainability and CSR applicable to every person and stakeholders will be the impetus towards a culture of ethical behaviour and commitment to the sustainable development of operations.