We develop and approach our business with the firm intention of being a benchmark and leading company in the onshore and offshore wind energy sector, through operations and activities focused on the needs of our customers, providing value and innovative and sustainable technological solutions to their products.

Our Governance System is the essential feature for the sustainable development and growth of the company. Over time, we have transformed ourselves, adapting to the challenges of the market, regulations and new and increasingly demanding standards, to achieve a corporate governance based on solid pillars that are not only economic, but also social and environmental.

This system, together with the company’s values, is based on sustainable development as the lever that will position us at the forefront of growth and the application of the best social and environmental good governance practices.

Governance Framework

The fundamental basis of the Governance System and the framework for internal organisation and action for each of the people who form part of the business group will be the corporate ESG Strategy, which is based on the creation of value through innovation and the sustainable development of operations and activities worldwide.

All of them revolve around three currently recognised dimensions of development and growth; the preservation of the environmental surroundings where we operate, the respect for human rights and labour practices of our people, as well as the fight against corruption as a way to continuously improve transparency in corporate governance.

To this end, we have made a firm commitment to the United Nations Global Compact Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially through our contribution to a just energy transition and the fight against climate change.


Our mision

Our vision

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to grow sustainably as a company, creating value for our employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders, and that this growth is reflected in the communities and the environment where we operate, together.

We base our Mission on a Vision committed to becoming a key player in the wind energy sector by fulfilling the expectations of our stakeholders, based on excellence in people management, respect for the preservation of the environment and growth through quality and innovation in our operations and business.

The Mission and Vision are based on values such as transparency, ethics, integrity, professionalism and social responsibility, which our entire team fulfils, all of which are reflected in our Code of Ethics.