With around 20 years of experience, we are a global leader company specialized in the manufacturing of wind turbine towers (both onshore and offshore) and offshore foundations. 


We have a comprehensive product portfolio within the wind industry and We are the sole manufacturer which has demonstrated it has capacity to offer globally the full range of offshore foundations

We have a total of ten manufacturing facilities in five countries (Spain, India, Brazil and Mexico) covering five continents, all in strategic locations with privileged sea access

We have heavily invested over the last years to adapt to the increased demand from our clients to supply bigger and more complex components within the highest quality standards while supporting their continuous goal for costs reduction to make the wind energy the most competitive source


Based on our extensive track record of successfully executed complex projects, we have built strategic partnerships with many of our clients and leading companies in the sector.

The accelerating shift to wind and renewables, which are expected to comprise more than 50% of the global energy mix by 2040, is driving increased political attention on sustainability and green regulation, with many countries adopting ambitious net greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. All of our clients are committed to supporting these targets, and at Windar, we will continuously and actively contribute to the transition towards a decarbonized world and commit to best-in-class corporate governance and ESG principles.


Design and manufacturing of onshore wind-turbine towers



Manufacturing of offshore wind-turbine towers



Manufacturing of substructures for offshore wind turbines