We have a total workforce of over 1.500 employees, including all our international locations.

Geographically, our company has physical and working presence in six different countries: Spain, France, India, Brazil, Mexico and Russia, with more than half of the workforce based in Spain and the rest being distributed among the other international centres.

In general, the average profile of our employees is mainly under 45 years of age.


We have a diverse workforce with employees around the world from many different nationalities, which we value as part of diversity and equal opportunities.

As part of our company’s sustainable development and based on UN SDG 5, we understand that men and women throughout the world should have equal rights and opportunities, and should be able to lead a life free from discrimination and violence. It is an essential element of inclusive and sustainable development.

Achieving gender diversity requires taking action to eliminate the causes of discrimination that restrict women’s rights in our area of influence.

We will fight against any discriminatory action detected in any of the locations where we operate.


Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We believe that all forms of harassment in the workplace are an affront to people’s dignity, which damages our working environment, generating mistrust and damaging effects on people’s health and self-esteem.

Any form of harassment, whether sexual, gender-based or psychological, is totally unacceptable.


Harassment protocol


The social and professional development of our employees is one of the bases on which the success of the company is based, which is why a commitment to our employees around the world is essential.

Our goal is to become a company recognized for promoting employment in all those locations where we operate. To do this, we try to find the best talent available from people and continually improve the possibilities for personal and professional development and balance of our work teams.

We also motivate our employees by empowering them through a lifelong learning work culture and the development of a socially responsible and sustainable business in a great future full of possibilities.

Our hiring processes adopt as basic principles respect and compliance with applicable labor legislation, fundamental human rights, equal opportunities and diversity, and non-discrimination against people.

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