Guaranteeing the health and well-being of all the people with whom we interact when carrying out our activities, through labour practices that guarantee the minimisation of safety risks in the workplace, is one of the main commitments we have made to sustainability and the global objectives of the United Nations.

To this end, we have implemented a Health and Safety Management System in all our companies, based on the most demanding and recognised international standards, such as ISO 45001, to prevent these risks.

ISO 45001 Certificate


Our Occupational Health and Safety System constitutes the guide on which we develop the preventive culture of our people, so that sufficient knowledge is generated, through the lessons learned about incidents and accidents over time, so that they do not happen again. This global system has been implemented in all our companies, and incorporates best practices in risk prevention and the participation, collaboration and awareness of all people as the pillar of leadership in health and safety.

Lines of preventive action


Promote and protect the wellbeing, health and safety of workers in the places where we operate.

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Raise awareness internally and in the community about the importance of prevention and ensuring safety and a healthy lifestyle.

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Guarantee people’s right to quality health services, especially for the most vulnerable.

Principles and commitments

The management of risks to people’s health and safety, compliance with labour rules and regulations and the application of the best preventive practices wherever we are present is a commitment firmly rooted in the heart of the company, to which we give value through the Health and Safety Policy, which establishes the fundamental objectives and the main lines of action in this area.

We apply our policy to everything we do, guided at all times by the following objectives:


Health and Safety Policy



  • To achieve excellence through continuous improvement in all areas of risk prevention in our projects.
  • To apply a zero-tolerance policy towards negligent conduct and behaviour affecting the well-being or safety of people.
  • Progressively reduce the frequency and severity of incidents and accidents at all our sites.

To achieve these objectives, minimise risks and achieve a culture of excellence and well-being, we have defined goals aimed at improving the working conditions and environments of our people, making them increasingly safer.

To achieve this, we understand that people must know and understand the basic fundamental rules that can save lives when carrying out their preventive actions.

 It is essential to apply our golden rules of safety:

Our Golden Rules of Safety