Windar Renovables celebrates every 3rd June World Bicycle Day

We celebrate World Bicycle Day because of its importance as an environmentally friendly means of transport that helps people to improve their health and well-being.

Every year we celebrate this day to highlight the use of bicycles as an excellent means of sport and its several benefits due to the fact that its use is 100% natural. It contributes to mitigate the current crisis, due to atmospheric pollution and climate change that the planet is suffering.

Our factory located in Halol, India #WindarRenewableEnergy organised a day and an informative session for its workers called “Wheels in motionfor life in motion”. An external expert, Dr. Sheetal Nair, a Human Resources professional who trains different organisations, was present for the event.

Our employees were taught how to use the bicycle to reap all its benefits, especially for mental and physical health. By applying it in the workplace, it reduces stress and makes people more effective.

This has been one of the actions we promote from our factory in Halol, Gujarat and is related to Health at Work which is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in this case SDG 3.

Windar Renovables, as part of its Sustainable Development Strategy, periodically develops different actions at its facilities aimed at improving and promoting health and safety among its employees.