We start the construction of “Windfloat” project


WINDAR (Grupo Daniel Alonso) has started together with Navantia the construction of the platform of one of the three floating and semi-submersible wind turbines of the ‘Windfloat’ project for EDP, in what will be Portugal’s first OWF.

The award was made public by Aaron Smith, vice president of PPI Power, during the ‘Galician Offshore International Hub’, in Ferrol.

This new project supposes the consolidation of our alliance, as world reference manufacturers in the offshore wind sector. This project also turns us into the only manufacturers that have developed the two most innovative projects of floating structures technologically in the sector (Hywind and Windfloat).

With a power of about 25 MW, the Windfloat offshore wind farm will be installed about 20 kilometers off the coast of Viana do Castelo, in the north of the country. Unlike the usual marine wind farms Windfloat has special characteristics, when the wind turbine generator is placed on a foundation (base platform) of triangular and semi-submersible plant. The subjection to the seabed will be done by cables and to achieve the stability of the set an automatic ballast system will be used.

This structure will have dimensions of about 70 meters on its long side, its vertices being formed by three cylindrical pillars with a height of 23.2 meters in height and 12 meters in diameter. It will have a wind turbine of 8.4 MW of power and 54 meters of height (63.5 m if we count from the sea level) placed in one of the pillars of the structure.

Another relevant aspect of the project, unlike conventional wind farms, is that the whole will be assembled in the shipyard including the wind turbine generator, to be towed to its destination on the coast of Portugal, in waters about 100 meters deep.

It is estimated that the project will require approximately 250,000 hours of work and 100 workers and will be delivered to the client in mid-2019.