The total capacity of the towers supplied by WRS Towers exceeded 1,000 MW


On February 11, our wind tower manufacturing plant in Tangarog (Rostov, Russia) reached a new milestone for wind energy in this region and in the country itself.

To celebrate this milestone, “WRS Towers” which is the name of the company owned by Windar Renovables (51%), together with its local partners ROSNANO (24.5%) and SEVERSTAL (24.5%), held a commemorative day where they received the Minister of Industry and Energy of the Rostov Region, Andrei Savelyev, as well as the president of the Municipal Duma and Head of the city of Taganrog Inna Titarenko.

The factory, which has supplied wind towers for Vestas and SGRE, has seen its installed capacity increased to this record figure collaborating extensively in the country’s wind energy development. In 2020, 145 towers were supplied from Taganrog and since the start of production activity at the end of 2018, we have accumulated a total of 267 towers (967 sections), which allow us to provide 1,000 MW of clean energy capacity and sustainable.

In just three years, the plant led by Piotr Spiridonov, CEO of WRS Towers, has accumulated a total of 712 MW of supply capacity for VESTAS and 291 MW for SGRE and expects to add another 270 MW of new capacity this year.

All the installed capacity has been carried out in the Rostov region, where wind farms have already been installed in the Kamensky, Azov and Verkhnedonsky districts, as well as in other locations in the country such as Kalmykia and the Murmansk region and plans are in place futures for others like Volgograd, Astrakhan or Samara.

In the words of Piotr Spiridonov “This is an important milestone for the company and for the entire renewable energy industry in Russia, but that is not our limit. If we take all the contracts carried out and currently available, this only represents 50% of what we have supplied”. In just three years, a new industry has been created in the Rostov region and there are plans for projects in other regions of Russia and even the possibility of exporting to other countries.

The Minister of Industry and Energy emphasized that in the last three years, an important wind industry has been created in the Rostov region, which includes both wind farms and the production of equipment for them, with WRS Towers being the first company in Russia in reach such significant volumes.

For her part, the president of the Municipal Duma and Head of the city of Taganrog Inna Titarenko, stressed the importance of a company like WRS Towers, which implements socially significant projects. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the plant has donated personal protective equipment worth about 3 million rubles to medical institutions in Taganrog and provided charitable assistance in the construction of the Sambek Heights museum complex worth 4.75 million rubles.