Iberdrola starts construction of the Wikinger wind farm


Windar ships the first jacket fasteners for the offshore site in March.

Iberdrola is about to reach an important milestone in the construction project for the German offshore wind farm Wikinger, for which the alliance formed by Navantia and Windar renovables is manufacturing the jackets, the steel structures to which the wind turbines will be attached.

Next March, the Spanish utility will begin installing the piles in the water, huge pieces that are being built by the Asturian company Windar at its facilities in Avilés, which are steel cylinders on which each of the four legs of the jackets will be mounted. To carry out this operation, Iberdrola has contracted two state-of-the-art vessels for 120 million euros, which gives an idea of the scale of the offshore wind project, which will require a global investment of some 1,500 million euros.

The German port of Sassnitz will be the base for the arrival and temporary storage of the different components prior to their installation at sea and also for the pre-installation of the wind turbine elements. The port is ready to receive the piles. Official Windar renovables sources explain that the first shipment of the first 32 piles will take place on 7 March. At the end of that month, the second one will take place and the following ones between May and June. The Ferrol-based company Pérez Torres is in charge of carrying out these operations for the gigantic components.

Windar employs 60 workers in the manufacture of the piles which, in future wind power contracts, it wants to carry out in Ferrol.

In the port, Iberdrola will shortly begin construction of the wind farm’s operation and maintenance building, which should be completed by the end of this year.