Windar will create a new company in Avilés to paint the towers.


The Daniel Alonso Group is preparing to set up a new company in Avilés immediately, linked to the wind energy sector, which could create fifty jobs. The failure to reach an agreement on the renewal of the contract that Windar renovables had with the company SEM (Sociedad Española de Metalización), which was in charge of painting the wind towers, has led Windar itself to take on this project.

According to La Voz de Avilés, the first blasting and painting work on the wind towers has been temporarily transferred to the Dacero warehouses that the Daniel Alonso Group has in Gijón. The idea being considered, and in fact negotiations are already underway, is to open a new plant in Avilés, on land in the Business Park, where the work of preparing the towers would be undertaken definitively. It is estimated that, in the end, around fifty workers will be employed, with the idea of taking over a large part of the workforce that SEM will now be leaving as a result of the closure of its plant in Avilés.

In fact, in statements made to this newspaper, Félix Baragaño, head of SEM, announced his group’s intention to close the plant that has remained open in recent years in the Parque Empresarial, which employed 38 workers, practically with the sole function of processing Windar renovables’ wind towers.

In recent weeks, the contract renewal had to be negotiated, but in the end no agreement was reached, so the two companies decided to break off their working relationship. SEM is a long-established company and was a pioneer in the installation of a shot blasting and painting line for heavy plate and profiles. In the last few days, it had announced the presentation of a redundancy plan for its plant in Gijón and another one was envisaged for the Avilés plant, although in the latter case it has opted for closure, and the circumstances of this situation are currently being negotiated with trade union representatives. Windar renovables thus faces the situation created with the firm determination to carry out the preparation work for the wind towers, thus assuming practically the entire production process.