The offshore wind farm first tower to be built in Avilés


Windar’s plant in Avilés will manufacture the offshore wind farm first tower to be built in Spain. This was announced yesterday by Gamesa in a press release confirming that the Muelle de Arinaga, in Gran Canaria, will host the first prototype of these wind farms. Assembly will begin in the second quarter of 2013, with installation to be completed during the year, according to the multinational.

In this way, Windar renovables’ facilities at the Parque Empresarial Principado de Asturias (PEPA) remain a major player in the offshore wind tower manufacturing sector, which is booming. Its proximity to the port of Avilés is an important asset, as evidenced last February, when the first structure for an offshore wind power plant was built for installation in the North Sea.

Gamesa yesterday highlighted the importance of the construction of the first offshore wind farm in Spain. The prototype will have a nominal power of 5 megawatts and a rotor diameter of 128 metres. The selection of the Canary Islands will allow the manufacture of all parts to be carried out in Spain.

A world leader in the construction of conventional wind towers, Gamesa also wants to maintain this position in the offshore wind tower sector, which is currently undergoing rapid expansion. Thus, in the company note, it confirms that it is negotiating with the port of Leith, in Scotland, the conditions for establishing an industrial base to serve this market in the United Kingdom. This site would have two plants, one for the blades and the other for the nacelles, the metal structures which cover the rotor, as well as logistics activities.