Windar Renovables celebrates April 28th 2022 Health and Safety Day at Work


Protecting the health and safety of all employees is at the heart of Windar renovables Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Therefore, today the Windar Offshore and Iberdrola teams jointly develop a Toolbox in the Baltic Eagle Project. The objective of this campaign is that everyone taking part at Windar’s team participate in the projects taking action and collaborating together, to build a positive preventive culture in terms of occupational health and safety.

Among the actions to be carried out we found the development of a specific “toolbox” for the Iberdrola Baltic Eagle project, which is currently being carried out at the Port of Avilés facilities, with the participation of the client, subcontractors and Windar project teams. The objective on this occasion has been to develop the perception of risks and the sense of responsibility of the participants in terms of safety and health.

To do this, in addition to a talk to the participants, a practical exercise has been carried out where the workers have had to face certain risks, making decisions and analyzing them to understand how these socially influence their work and the environment.

The Health and Safety Corporate Management appreciates the participation and effort of all the people present on this World Safety International Day and their commitment to high health and safety standards.