Windar moves its new headquarters in the ‘twin’ buildings of the industrial area.


The Daniel Alonso Group company moves its headquarters in Avenida de la Siderurgia in the Business area.

Windar Renovables, the Daniel Alonso Group company specialized in the manufacture of structures for wind towers, has already moved its headquarters to the Principado de Asturias Business Area, located until now in Avenida Conde de Guadalhorce. The move has been completed in the building on the estuary and there is hardly any staff left working in the office area, although activity continues in the manufacturing workshops.

Windar needed more space due to the significant growth of its business volume in recent years and the headquarters in Conde de Guadalhorce had become too small. In addition, there has also been an important advance in innovation with the start-up of its own R&D department. This allows the company to find some technological solutions that meet its needs, so, supported by Arcelor’s research center and the Institute for Materials Development (ITMA), it began to develop its own studies on materials, working methods and technology.

Windar’s research center will also carry out part of its work at the new PEPA headquarters. It is directed by Covadonga Carballo and coordinated by Manuel Ignacio Pérez, and employs about twenty people, most of them personnel from the company itself who have moved from other departments to this area.

The company already takes up two of the three floors of one of the twin buildings in the Business Park, which are owned by Sepides and which in the case of this space had previously been occupied by the technology company DXC, which decided to abandon it at the beginning of 2021 due to the consequences of the pandemic and telecommuting.

Windar’s new offices in the industrial area occupy a total of 1,000 square meters in which the approximately seventy employees, ranging from administrative staff to engineers, are distributed. In addition to gaining space, they will also benefit from the physical proximity of the group’s workshops in the PEPA.

Windar also occupies under concession the new headquarters built by the Port Authority on the right bank of the estuary, on the Valliniello dock, which is used almost exclusively by the Daniel Alonso Group for the finishing and transportation of the parts manufactured in its workshops in Avilés.