Wind technology ‘Made in Asturias’


In the Principality there are 50 companies dedicated to wind energy

The wind sector has development potential in Asturias. These days representatives of seven European countries are meeting in the Principality to try to promote common policies that favor the wind industry.

Since before summer, some structures are part of the landscape of Avilés. They are wind transition pieces. The company Windar has manufactured 66 to move them to the coast of Germany and on them, will be placed wind turbines that will produce 396 megawatts of clean energy.

It is a project developed almost entirely in Asturias. Right now there are 50 companies in Asturias dedicated to wind energy and in five years could reach 65. In the Project ‘Clipper’ believe that SMEs and micro-SMEs have a gap in this sector.

The test is Windar’s agenda. Once these structures are delivered, they will start with another order for the North Sea and next week they will sign a pilot project for the coast of Portugal