Torrebras received students from SENAI/CIMATEC


Our factory in Brazil Torrebras received 20 students from SENAI (National Service of Industrial Learning) / CIMATEC (Integrated Center of Manufacturing and Technology), from the Technical Course on Renewable Energy Systems. The purpose of the visit was to introduce students to the process of manufacturing metallic wind towers, approaching the theory seen in the classroom, with the practice of one of the factories that is part of the renewable energy production chain.

The visit to the factory followed the flow of the production process in the factory. The students were very pleased to know in practice the process of manufacturing wind towers and stated that the learning will be of great importance for their technical training in the Renewable Energy Systems course.

This visit by SENAI students is part of the partnership between Torrebras and the FIEB – Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia, focused on improving the quality of the local workforce to meet the requirements of professional competence of the industry.