The Government Delegate, José Miñones, certifies the strategic position of Navantia Fene for offshore wind energy in the world.

The Government delegate visited the facilities where Navantia and Windar are executing the contract for Iberdrola’s wind farm in Brittany, France, and to see how the contract signed by the Navantia – Windar Renovables JV with Iberdrola is being executed, a project which includes the manufacture of the 62 jackets which will form part of the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm in Brittany, France.

The delegate was accompanied by the head of Navantia at the Fene shipyard, Manuel Bermúdez de Castro; the general manager of Windar Renovables, Justo Acedo, and the delegate of Iberdrola in Galicia, Francisco Silva.

During this visit, they also had the opportunity to see the last floating structure loaded on the vessel called ”Fjord” that would sail to the Scottish offshore wind farm Kincardine.