Skating in WINDAR Making Of



Full details of the two-day session in which Ryan Sheckler, Danny Leon, Alex Sorgente and Zion Wright made history skating wind towers.

Four locations in Asturias, three cameras positioned in the most unusual sites, one dron and two photographers. The other ingredients were the level of the four “wind gods”, already known by all, the effort of a great team and Daniel Alonso Group’s facilities to make skateboarding in this dream playground possible.

Several operators at your disposal to adapt the elements to all the needs of the tricks: move steel plates (of unsuspected dimensions), push buttons to move machinery, towers positioned at a distance to iron the most epic trick, reserved wind sections during Four months to ensure that there was the possibility of cutting them according to the needs of the project and want, many, many desire to skate a something so out of the ordinary.

In only a few days the video has gone around the world. The action and site were brutal, but also all the elements that were used to make it possible.