Mr. Orlando Alonso, President of Windar Renovables, has been awarded the Gold Insignia of the Association Día de Galicia in Asturias.


Honoured with the Gold Insignia of the Association Día de Galicia in Asturias for his commitment to his career and his contribution to the daily struggle for the good of all, Manuel Fernández Quevedo, president of the Association, referred to him as: “a great man, a magnificent person and the best example that can be given to society”.

The event took place on Sunday 18 September at the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo, where both Orlando Alonso and Adolfo Domínguez, the fashion designer from Ourense, were the two protagonists.

The Chairman of Windar Renovables reviewed his company’s figures, its recent achievements and the projects of the business group he inherited from his father, Mr Daniel Alonso, which currently employs 1,600 people. Galicians and Asturians, he said, “are united by our capacity for entrepreneurship”. “Humility and perseverance are qualities shared by Asturians and Galicians”, he added.

He said of the businessmen being honoured that “they are united in having been leaders and visionaries in the sustainability of the planet”.

From Windar Renovables we wish you all the future successes that will surely come and will be added to those already present.