It is always better to work close to home

With this new contract for Iberdrola, Windar is proud to allow workers who had to leave for other areas due to the fall in employment in Ferrolterra to return to the area and also to provide work for others who were unemployed.

In the latter case is Sergio Ferreira Freire, a 31-year-old from A Capela, who has not stopped working since he finished his professional studies. His boss says that few workers have the qualifications that this multi-skilled boilermaker has, and he knows exactly what job mobility means. Bilbao, Cartagena and Algeciras are just some of the cities where he has worked. When the opportunity came up at Windar renovables, he was unemployed.

“It’s always better to work closer to home,” he says. He has been with the former Imenosa for two months now and is satisfied with this new stage. “This is a very powerful company, with very good resources and security measures,” he says.

Gerónimo Piñón, 41 years old and a native of As Pontes, was transferred to Avilés a year and a half ago, when the metallurgical company where he worked, Daorje, closed its doors in the mining town and relocated part of its staff to its facilities in Asturias. Since last January he has been at the facilities of the former Imenosa, which has put an end to the frequent trips from the neighbouring community to see his family, his wife and two children.

Like Ferreira and many other metalworkers in the region, he has also had to seek his livelihood in different cities around the country, such as Barcelona, Salamanca, Cáceres and Melilla. He started working at the age of 17. Now he is enjoying his new professional stage and being “just a step away from home”.