Daniel Alonso Group wins a 90 million euro wind project with Navantia


Windar renovables – Daniel Alonso Group – and the public shipyard Navantia de Ferrol have just confirmed all the details of a new contract for 90 million euros with Iberdrola, the large Spanish multinational energy company, which has awarded this joint venture a substantial part of the ‘Wikinger’ offshore wind project that it will develop from now on in the Baltic Sea.

The two companies also aspire to eight other similar contracts, even larger ones, having discovered that the synergies of the two companies have already placed them among the top two or three European groups to be able to take on projects of this nature. These eight projects would also be with Iberdrola, all of them for offshore sites in Europe, especially in the North, Denmark, Northern England and Germany.

For the time being, this first contract will involve more than 1,100,000 hours of work over the next 18 months, which will be divided between Avilés and Ferrol, approximately 70-30%, and in which they will be responsible for the construction and unloading (load-out) of 29 jackets (special foundations) and 116 anchor piles.

The signing of this contract with Iberdrola confirms the predictions made at the time by the businessman Daniel Alonso and the managers of Windar renovables, who saw the offshore wind business as an extraordinary source of growth and job and wealth creation.

The first works carried out by this company based in Avilés were highly satisfactory, and it soon managed to carve out an important niche for itself in the world of suppliers for large offshore projects. From there, all that remained to be done was to increase the portfolio of clients and to have a partner that would allow the company to participate in the most important tenders currently being held in Europe.

Two years ago, the first contacts were made with Navantia, the public company that belongs to SEPI and encompasses the Spanish public shipyards. Navantia saw in this business a way out of its traditional shipbuilding role and the two companies together have now achieved a capacity and power that allows them to be preferred suppliers of multinationals such as Iberdrola, although it is not the only one.

Windar renovables, with extensive experience in the manufacture of wind towers and with outstanding offshore testing, brings to this joint venture its know-how, its technological knowledge, while Navantia brings its facilities in Ferrol and its financial capacity to be able to take on projects of this magnitude. It should be borne in mind that bidding for these contracts, which are led by multinational electricity companies, and which are worth at least 100 million euros, require a series of guarantees and a financial capacity that few companies have at their disposal. And that is what Navantia is ensuring in this union with the company from Avilés.