1st wind tower manufactured in Russia by “WRS Towers”


Last March, the serial production of wind towers was inaugurated in the city of Taganrog with the completion of the first tower manufactured in Russia. The ceremony was attended by authorities representing the Ministry and Administration of the Rostov region, the city of Taganrog, as well as representatives of the associated companies, Windar Renewables, PAO Severstal and RUSNANO.

WRS Towers a company of Windar (Orlando Alonso) is the first plant in the country dedicated to the production of wind towers, as part of a special state program whose objective is the development of renewable energy and the creation of a new sector of high technology.

The attendees were able to observe carefully the first completed tower, as well as, know the WRS facilities in operation and become familiar with the productive processes implanted in the factory. The first tower made in Russia consists of four sections with approximate dimensions of 4.3 meters maximum diameter and 89 meters in length, with a weight of 180 tons.

Currently, WRS manufactures towers for the Russian domestic market, however as Peter Spiridonov, WRS CEO, has indicated, “in the future it will have access to the markets of nearby countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other countries”.

WRS Towers is a joint venture formed by Windar renovables, world leader in the manufacture of wind towers and technology partner, PAO Severstal partner that supply raw material for the construction of the wind towers and RUSNANO, state financial investor that promotes the benefits of renewable energy in the country.