Windar starts up a new wind power plant in India


The Daniel Alonso Group’s company Windar renovables from Avilés, Spain, has just started up a new wind tower plant, its sixth production centre, this time in India. Under the name Windar Renewable India, the group has built the new plant in the district of Panchmahal, in the state of Gujarat, in the east of the country. With a population of almost two and a half million, this is an industrial area where Windar has built its new 17,000 square metre facility on a total site of 150,000 square metres.

The first production steps have already been taken with a workforce of 80 employees, although when it is fully developed it will employ a total of 350. The production capacity is 400 wind towers per year, some 30 tower sections per week, which is equivalent to 800 megawatts of power. The head of the facility, as general manager, is an Indian technician, K. Bharathi, who is accompanied by the group’s most senior Spanish technicians, such as Roberto Presa, industrial manager, and Lorenzo Suárez, head of production. The rest of the staff is made up of Indian technicians and workers.

In this way, Windar renovables, owned by the Daniel Alonso Group (68%) and Gamesa (32%), and whose president is Orlando Alonso, definitively consolidates its international expansion as one of the most important wind tower manufacturing companies in the world. At a time when the renewable energy sector, and specifically the wind energy sector, has been shaken once again by the decree signed by the new Minister of Industry, which suspends premiums for new special regime installations and thus puts an end to the current remuneration model, the Asturian company is further deepening its international expansion plan.

The new factory in India will serve exclusively the domestic market in that country, an emerging market in which this type of energy will have enormous growth potential in the coming years. On the other hand, Windar renovables has already begun construction of a new plant in Brazil, having already finalised a definitive location, closer to the industrial centres of the South American country, after a first attempt in the north of the country that did not come to fruition.

In addition to these two international initiatives, the Group is also interested in being present in the offshore tower projects that are being set up in areas such as the North Sea. The piece that began to be loaded yesterday in the port of Avilés is part of a “first trial by fire”, which, if it receives the approval of the clients, could be the first step towards a very important expansion of the business. “Avilés could be facing an extraordinary opportunity, both for what it could mean for the industrial fabric of the city, attending to a very technical sector with an enormous future development, as well as for the creation of jobs”, sources related to this sector pointed out to this newspaper.

Another step forward

Thus, with the opening of the new production centre in India and the start of construction of the one in Brazil, Windar renovables continues an expansion plan that could consolidate its position among the world leaders in the construction of wind towers.

Windar, whose headquarters are in Avilés, currently has five production centres in Spain. The most important is the one in Avilés, through Tadarsa, where parts of up to 200 tonnes and up to 14 metres in diameter are produced, with an annual output of 570 towers. In Asturias, it also has another plant in Gijón, using the facilities of Dacero – another company of the Daniel Alonso Group – next to the ArcelorMittal factory. It also keeps production open at the factories in Olazagutia (Navarra), Zaragoza and Linares (Jaén). Among its most important customers are Acciona, Sacyr, Iberdrola, Alstom and others.