Windar Renovables, awarded Best Company of the Year by the Avanza Awards.


Boldness and prudence.

An example of one thing and the other. In 15 years it has grown from a family business to a world leader in the manufacture of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Justo Acedo, General Business Director, received the prize awarded by EL COMERCIO at a ceremony held at the Centro Polivalente in Lugones, Avanza 2022 Awards, which recognise the efforts and contribution of Asturian companies to the regional economy, the promotion of wealth and employment and their corporate commitment to society.

In his speech, Justo stated that the offshore wind business will generate great opportunities in the next ten years and we invite the whole of Asturias to this path of success, with a growth and consolidation plan for the creation of numerous jobs.

Undoubtedly, an award for which we reiterate our thanks and affection and congratulate the other two award-winning companies, Izertis and Neoalgae.